Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cats With Tips

One day, you might see a cat in your neighborhood who if you look closely, has a small section of its left ear "tipped" or removed. This means that a TNR (trap neuter return) volunteer in your neighborhood has already trapped, fixed and vaccinated this cat. The cat will also almost assuredly be microchipped and tattooed on its belly to indicate to other TNR volunteers and cat lovers in-the-know that this cat does not need to be trapped. However, if this cat is sick or injured, you can trap it and take it to any vet or shelter and have it "wanded" to check the registration on the microchip, and call the shelter it's registered with for medical and hopefully financial assistance in treating the cat. The eartipping is completely painless for the cat as it is done while the cat is under anesthesia when it was being fixed. 

Cat Town 2012

My husband is a master feral shelter builder. This is the interior and exterior of what we are happily calling Cat Town 2012! You can see the blue heated water bowl. Inside the white box is a bi-level insulated condo complete with a heated cat patio. We feed them on the shelf there, to keep their little paws off the cold ground.