Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dewey the Library Cat

Another stray cat who left his mark with love and purpose is Dewey the Library Cat, who sadly died in 2006. You may have heard of him. He was a beauty who inspired people and other library cats around the world. I read the book about him and highly recommend it.

There is also an ADORABLE kids book about him as well

Friday, March 30, 2012

A Street Cat Named Bob

OOOOoooohhhhHHH I love this story. Meet James and Bob, a pair whose story has hit the bestseller list and is being sold in 8 countries. Their agent is already talking Hollywood movie!I finished the book in one day, it was really good.

My friend who lives in London met the pair of them on the tube and took this picture

And if you'd like to know the whole story and how they're doing now, here is a recent interview! And click here is their Facebook page! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cats with jobs!!!!

WOW this so awesome! Rodent Control Technicians! This is a fantastic idea that gives these cats the lives they deserve, while earning their keep and having a job to do, along with their friends in the kitteh Krew. I wish more shelters could organize a program like this. And by the way, what a gorgeous kitty! Very regal and proud. 

And here is a picture of their employee quarters!