Friday, February 17, 2012

Enter the Cat Daddy

When we heard there was going to be a show on Animal Planet called My Cat From Hell, we were a little unsure about what it was going to be like. A show about horrible cats and the bad stuff they do? We didn't know. We tuned in to the premier last year and were thrilled to see that it involves a cat whisperer extraordinaire and THEE Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy. He seems to be a genius with cats, and we discuss all the events of the show after watching. Incredibly helpful to many situations we are currently finding ourselves in!! If you haven't seen it, you must. He is a gifted cat behaviorist and activist and we are glued to the TV every Saturday night. The last show of Season 2 is this Sat Feb 18th, but there will be a 3rd season. Here is a link to the Q&A section of his blog , where he answers viewer questions and goes on diatribes against dry cat food, declawing, and bad litter boxes, etc lol. Anyway, we are BIG BIG fans and his book has just come out! Below is a short video shot on his current book-signing tour. Jackson's also recorded it for a book-on-tape!

Cat daddies can also be zexy! 

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